Nina Girolamo is an accomplished artist dedicated to using life experience as a form of exploration. Her professional career began with American landscapes, photographing across the West Coast of the United States, and moved into the foray of wild and rescue horses throughout the USA and into the South of France. Her background in photography began with a BFA from C.W. Post at Long Island University, continued with a AAS degree from Parsons and currently, she is working on a masters in fine arts.

Her first exhibited collection, "Out West", focused on horses both wild, ranch, and rescue. It made its debut at the Hampton Classic in 2013 and was exhibited across Long Island in various galleries. "Out West" was met with great success because of the artists ability to capture the intimacy and human condition in her equine subjects. This collection was followed up by her current work, "The Horses of the Camargue", which focuses on one of the most ancient breeds of horses known to mankind. This collection has had both critical and commercial success across Long Island, NY and beginning this December, will be displayed at the Hanger Galley during the prestigious Art Basel Miami.